My name is Catalina Raceu and I am the founder of Raceu Hats.

I have always been fascinated by accessories and especially hats and their powerful ability to instantly elevate any look.

Before founding Raceu Hats, I opened a hat shop in Sitges, Barcelona. Experiencing the lack of hats with a current design and personality, I created my first hat in 2014 and realised that there was a niche in the world of headwear, where there was still a lot to explore. Since then, I let myself be carried away by the world of hats.

After learning from local milliners and doing an internship in a millinery atelier, I launched my brand in 2015.
And since then, many things have changed and evolved.

Raceu Hats is my universe - the place where I try to bring back and keep alive the craftsmanship of millinery, always using the best raw materials with natural and sustainable materials.

Each hat has a unique personality given by the hands of all the craftsmen who have been involved in its creation process.

Regarding the creation process, all our designs have a lot of work behind them: it is not only the manufacturing process of the raw material and the hat itself - in which approximately 35 craftsmen's hands are involved - Raceu is ethical fashion, quality and exclusive design. Those who wear our hats share our feelings.


First we draw the design we have in mind. Sometimes we do it by hand and sometimes we do it digitally. We like to let our creativity run wild at this point.

Choice of raw material

Once we have the design it is time to choose the fabric. The challenge each year is to come up with sustainable proposals, using natural and environmentally friendly materials.

All our raw materials come from abroad:

  • From a small village in Ecuador we import the toquilla straw, an exquisite weave woven by hand by a small community of weaving artists.
  • From Mexico we bring palm thatch, wonderful for its strength and versatility, another locally hand-worked material.
  • From the Philippines we bring a material made from seagrass.
  • From Central Asia we bring wheat straw
  • From Australia, wool felts of exquisite quality.


Once we have the raw material and the design, we move on to the most laborious part: ironing at high temperatures using wooden or aluminium moulds, sewing inner chamois, trimming the wings, manually adjusting the shape of the cup and brim, brushing, steaming and finally decorating.

The entire manufacturing process is done by hand in Spain, using techniques with a centuries-old tradition and using the highest quality materials.

Craftsmanship is one of our main values because we make our own innovative designs and we manufacture maintaining the manual tradition of the craftsmen.

In such a standardised world, distinction is our priority.
Wearing a Raceu is a statement of style.

Sombreros RaceuHats Own

Raceu Hats and Caps is a small but strong team, just as a family.

We love to take care of the details in each one of your orders, and we are delighted to attend you when choosing the model that best suits your needs, so please contact us to resolve any questions.

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