Hi! I am Catalina Raceu, founder of Raceu Hats.

We started this journey in 2012 by opening a workshop shop and boutique in the charming Sitges of Barcelona. While fusing the classic hat practices together with the modern and fashion-filled finishes.

In 2015 we opened the online store with the aim of satisfying national and international demand, maintaining our philosophy of top quality Spanish artisan headgear, with a cool and casual touch in timeless designs.

Raceu Hats is my universe - the place where I try to recover and preserve the hats craftsmanship, always using the best raw materials made out of natural and sustainable fibers. Where each of the artisans who participates in its creation, passes on the Raceu Hats heritage.

That is where our difference lies.

In such a standardized world, distinction is our priority.

Wearing a Raceu hat is a fashion manifesto.

Sombreros RaceuHats Own

Raceu Hats and Caps is a small but strong team, just as a family.

We love to take care of the details in each one of your orders, and we are delighted to attend you when choosing the model that best suits your needs, so please contact us to resolve any questions.

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