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Hablemos de detalles… Hablemos de elegancia… Hablemos de sombreros… Comprar sombreros y gorras online nunca ha sido tan fácil y tan seguro. En Raceu Hats encontrarás una sombrerería artesanal, con productos hechos a mano y con un cuidado de todos los detalles que estamos seguros te encantarán y sorprenderán a todos aquellos que disfrutarán de tu outfit… Si te fascinan los sombreros… estás en el sitio online de ventas de sombreros y gorras por excelencia, donde diseñamos y fabricamos a mano todos nuestros diferentes tipos de sombreros: Sombreros Panamá, sombreros de fieltro, fedoras, gorras de lana, gorras planas, gorros de invierno, boinas de tipo vascas, boinas de tipo francés, gorras de deporte con estilo para outfits más sport y desenfadados, entre otro tipo de sombreros. Queremos que seas el centro de las miradas y te ayudaremos a conseguirlo… ¡Deslumbra con nuestros Sombreros Exclusivos hechos a mano!

Hat Shop in Barcelona

Let's talk about details... Let's talk about elegance... Let's talk about hats... Buying hats and caps online has never been so easy and so safe. In Raceu Hats you will find handmade products made with care of all the details,using always the best raw materials always with the purpose to achieve the perfect headpiece. If you are fascinated by hats... you are in the right place-the store where we design and manufacture by hand all our different types of hats: Panama hats, felt hats, fedoras, wool caps, flat caps, winter hats, French berets, fisherman caps, baseball caps, turbans. We want you to be the center of attention and we will help you achieve it... Shine with our exclusive handmade Hats! Our hat shop is located in the province of Barcelona, in a very cozy small, mediterranean town called Sitges, so you know, if you visit our Hats Shop do not miss Sitges. In our online hat shop you can enjoy all the latest fashion trends in hats and caps. You can try on our exclusive Hats and Caps for Women and Man in our traditional hat shop near Barcelona, we would love to attend you! Our passion for hats is unlimited, we love creating and designing exclusive head accessories , and we are filled with satisfaction that our customers feel absolutely fabulous with our hats.

Stetson & Seeberger Hats

Raceu Hats not only we can offer caps and handcrafted hats, but we also have the best brands of hats on the market, such as Stetson Hats and Seeberger Hats, a variety of hats, caps and visors of these brands with a international reputation. The selection of Stetson Hats are perfectly complemented by our traditional headgear, as we indicated above, we take care of every detail for the complete satisfaction of all our customers.

Winter and Summer Hats

Throughout all the year you will in our Shop Winter and Summer Hats, keep in mind that we send our hats to almost all parts of the world, taking into account this particularity we design and manufacture hats and caps for both seasons (winter and summer). In Raceu Hats we have all kinds of hats for any occasion: from wedding hats to straw hats- especially for use in the beach and protect yourself from the heat and the sun's rays. In both summer and winter hats we offer you wide-brimmed hats, which in addition to the elegance that it offers, protects us from the sun and from the sun's rays that can affect us from solar radiation.

Panama Hats

In our Special Panama Hats collection we offer hats tottaly hand woven directly by our artisans from the Cuenca area in Ecuador. All our Panama Hats are made from braided straw-toquilla, which comes from leaves of the palm tree called: Carludovica palmata. Panama hats can vary in quality depending on the braiding of the palm fibers, which is always made by hand. The finer the fibers and the smaller the braid light, the highest quality the Panama hat will be. Do not forget to visit our channel on YouTube and see the manufacturing process of our Panama hats. Panama hats are always hand woven and following millenary techniques transmitted from generation to generation within the families and artisanal communities of the Cuenca area and the small town called Montecristi.

Felt hats

There are different types of felt: rabbit fur felt, wool felt and the less common synthetic felt. In our case we use wool felt for the manufacture of our felt hats. From the wool felt we can create fedora-type felt hats or also the well-known Trilby hats, in any hat of this type you will wear a quality accessory that will protect you from the cold and in many cases are water resistant thanks to its waterproofness treatment. You can also find large brim wool felt hats, no doubt a very elegant and timeless choice for our most modern and daring looks. But the felt hats , aren't only for the winter. You can perfectly wear your wool hat during all the year. Nothing better than a quality wool hat to match all your cool outfits in spring,and to protect you from the rain in autumn. The felt hats are the elegance in its maximum expression, the most seductive concept is to use an elegant hat as a personal accessory of your outfit.

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