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Straw Hats for Men

Summer hat season is here, gentlemen! Men Straw Hat hunting is on, and you are in the right place to find the perfect one to protect you from the glaring sun while keeping your outfits on point.

That's right! No compromises for this summer- we believe that style, quality, comfort and sun protection are equally important.

That is why we considered all criteria for our Straw Hats for Men collection. For some might be an easy task, while many of you still have it unclear, but rest assured that your perfect fit is closer than you'd think!

Brimmed hats for men, which one to choose?

Let's start with the brim! As much as a blessing the sun rays can be, it is important to acknowledge their less pleasant side, or their harmful impact on your skin. Certainly, SPF creams shall not be neglected but neither the importance of a hat's brim.

A brim that shields your eyes and face is a must during the sun-filled days so, the wider the brim, the less sun exposure for your skin! Not to mention they add an instant classy touch to your summer looks.

Different types of straw hats for men

In perfect shape! The shape of your hat is definitely a game changer for your outfits. A straw boater hat will give you an exotic yet mysterious vibe, while choosing a straw fedora hat will turn your look into a classy and adventurous style, also upgrading all your formal summer looks.

A cowboy straw hat will provide you with some ruggedness and western influences, so get ready to turn some heads! Our Dakota Straw Hat for Men will do the job perfectly as you are heading to the sandy road.

Whichever style you decide to approach for the summer, rest assured that there's plenty of shapes and colours to choose from!

More options of men's straw hats

Extra lightweight summer hats for men are very popular, especially for the times on the shore. You can check out our Florida straw hat, Perry and Dakota.

Among the extra lightweight options for the summer are Raffia Straw Hats and Recycled Paper Straw that is also extremely light and comfortable.

Orlando and Sacramento are wonderful options to keep you cool and safe from the sun rays. Also, don't miss our Panama hats such as Cuenca Natural, which are made of highest quality Mexican straw.

Wherever your style is heading this summer, a straw hat is your best companion for the sunny times to come. Find yours and get ready to make the most out of every sunny occasion in style!

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