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Must have accessories for all the hat lovers!

The more you take care of your precious hats, the more seasons they are going to spice up your looks. Find our functional and fashionable options to carry your hats on the go, store them, and keep them in perfect condition season after season!

Hat Hangers

Since hats are definitely among your vacation essentials, the classic “how do I carry it” question may arouse.

Your precious hat is undoubly an accessory that you don’t want to leave behind. Therefore, how do we turn these glamorous yet voluminous headwear pieces into travel friendly items?

Exploring and touristing? If you’re finding yourself in the position to take of your hat and don’t know what to do with it or where to place it, worry not!

There is a small and extremely efficient accessory that will make your traveling experience even better. The magnet hat holders by Raceu Hats can sustain your hats and be hanged pretty much everywhere.

You can add it to your purse, suitcase, cross bag, belt, or hang it along with your jacket because the magnets are safely holding the hat without causing any harm to it.

And, voila! You can now choose to wear it on your head or hang it to your purse whenever you want it!

Gifting and Storage

Discover all our packaging and storage options that have been made through artisan procedures of sustainable only materials.

They can fit any type of hat, from summer straw hats to wool felt large brim fedoras, boaters and cowboy hats.

Our Round Boxes are made of MDF Wood -density fibreboard is an engineered wood product obtained from artisanal procedures by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, combining it with a resin binder, under high temperature and pressure-.

Whether you opt for a large brim straw hat, or a Wool Felt Hat, our Hat Box is going to keep it protected and ready to gift to someone special!

They come in two sizes so you can fit any hat you desire, even the large brim ones!

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