Berets: a classic for our outfit

The women's berets are that idyllic complement, which has the capacity to transport us directly to the banks of the Seine, with that bohemian touch to which it has been associated since the beginning of the 20th century.

In Raceu Hats you will find a careful selection of berets of our own design, each season we dedicate a part of our fall-winter collection to this accessory that wins followers year after year.

In our collection of berets, you will find from the most classic (Parisian style) in a variety of colors, to the most innovative designs: with eyelets, pearls, visor...

Wear your Raceu Hats beret is as easy as combining them with any of your daily outfits, even with your total black looks or if you're looking to evoke the French aesthetic you can combine it with a horizontal striped shirt, ankle p ants and some beautiful slippers.

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