The Crown
This is the upper part of the hat that shapes itself to the shape of the head, limiting its circumference. It can have different shapes, depending on the model.
It is the lateral surface and its purpose is to protect the face from the sun's rays as well as to create a stylish look. The size and shape of the brim may vary from one design to another.
Ribbon or Band
It is the ribbon or ornament that is placed around the crown, between the crown and the brim. It is used to give shape to the hat, preventing it from widening or as a decorative element.
Never grab your hat by the pinch or the brim, always by the brim. This prevents breakage and keeps the hat clean from oils and dirt.
Stack multiple hats together and store them all upside down in order to save space.
How to take care of your straw hat?

Hat Care Straw Hat

Store your hat away from humidity, heat, and direct sun rays. A safe storage will preserve your hat’s shape, colour, and texture for a longer time.

Avoid handling your hat by the pinch or the crown. Hold it by the brim to keep it safe and clean.

Use a hat brush or similar to remove surface dirt from the crown.

Then, use a clean lightly dampened cloth to gently rub dirt and dust, using counter-clockwise circular rubbing technique.

Unless, stored in a special hat box, place it upside down on a flat, clean surface to store your hat. It will prevent brim distortion and flattening.

The safest way to store your hats is a hatbox. Check out our hat care accessories to keep it safe and clean, season after season!

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