Panama Hats for Men

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The Panama hat is a classic of warm weather. He began his life as a basic element of tropical destinations, but today is perfectly adapted to urban life during the warmer seasons.

A hat is a tool that, when used correctly, is a key piece. What does a Panama say about its user? It celebrates the season and welcomes a new accessory in your closet.

The story of the Ecuadorian straw hat goes back centuries, when they discovered that the local plants were strong enough to be woven in hats that offered protection from the sun.

They remained an Ecuadorian secret until the sixteenth century, when the conquistadores, on their way to the legendary El Dorado, began to use them.

While the city of gold was a legendary bust, the hats became legendary in their own right, becoming a key part of Conquistador's uniform.

Cleaning your Panama Hat

  • Your hat can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a soft facial wipe.
  • Avoid rubbing too hard as this can damage the natural fibers of straw.
  • We do not recommend that you use any cleaning agent or soap.

Remodeling your Panama Hat
- If your hat loses its original shape, you can vaporize it gently to try to recover its shape by hand and dry it gently with a hair dryer.
- The edge can be reshaped using a steam iron in the lowest position and a clean, damp cloth, ensuring that the iron does not come into direct contact with the straw.

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