Panama Hats

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Panama Hat Womens Fedora Style, Eva, Pamelas and Wide-Brimmed

If there is something so desired as necessary during these sunny days, it is the Panama Hats. This versatile accessory, timeless and with the power to enhance even the least elaborate look while protecting us from the sun's rays, is the first complement we think about when the summer season begins.

Its user manual does not require very precise rules, but in the knowledge with which to combine them lies the magnetism of the looks.

Panama hats have been loved since their creation at the beginning of the 19th century, but very few people know their true history.

Panama's authentic hats are always handmade, delicately woven using ancient techniques handed down from generation to generation within the families and artisanal communities of Ecuador.

The straw used to make Panama hats is made from the young leaves of the straw palm tree, a native plant found in the low tropical plains of Ecuador.

All of our straw hats come from local artisans from Cuenca and from the small town of Montecristi internationally recognized for the high quality fabric of their Panama hats.

Our Panama hats womens are made of toquilla straw, divided by hand into threads not much thicker than the thread, and woven so finely that the Panama hats seem to be made of linen. Each Panama hat is woven by a single craftsman, blocked by hand and takes months to complete.

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