Wool Berets

Berets: Object of desire in your daily looks

It is no coincidence if the berets have burst onto the catwalk this season.
Emblematic symbol of struggle and resistance, this year the beret imposes itself as an element of fashion, aesthetics inevitably Frenchified with revolutionary connotations.

It is, without doubt, the star accessory to complete your daily looks.
Its use is so old that its origin is lost in time, but in parallel it remains in force throughout history and its design is so practical that it remains almost unchanged since it was created.

hen you see a beret, it is inevitable to think of the classic French style made up of a sea-striped sweater, Capri pants, a flat shoe and the mythical camel colored trench coat. The androgynous touch "a lo garzon" gives it, of course this flat and bulbous cap, which is usually made of wool.

An accessory linked to a multitude of eras and cultures that can symbolize both the French bohemian spirit, the military authority or the revolutionary ideology of the 60s.

Nowadays, berets have become an object of desire and an accessory capable of adding sophistication and style to simple jeans.

In Raceu Hats we use the best raw material for making berets - always made of 100% wool and with a lot of attention to details. We are proud of our products, pampered and controlled during the manufacturing process.
That's why we want to share our passion with you and encourage you to choose the beret that fits you best! You sign up?

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