Women's Turbans

The new sophistication is wearing a turban. Although in fact the mythical garment of the great Hollywood divas of the 50's has never stopped wearing the heads of the most elegant, this year is emerging as the coolest bet of the season.

From those with feathers inspired by India in the 20´s, those who wore women workers of the 40´s during the war or those who made unforgettable the appearances of the great stars of Hollywood as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Sofia Loren or Barbara Streisand, has always been and will be the accessory for those seeking a touch of personality.

From a symbol to a fashion accessory, in this last year it has become an essential piece for those who adopt the ethno-chic style, often combined with dresses from the 70s or costumes inspired by South America. But we also like it with more masculine sets.

The beauty of a turban is that it can add a dramatic effect to any look, whether you wear it with an evening dress or jeans and a tank top.

Our turbans are made using the best raw material: pure wool, cotton or silk and always made with maximum attention to details and finishes.

The turban has never stopped being fashionable, and now more than ever! Word of Raceu Hats!

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