Carte cadeau de 100 euros
Carte cadeau de 100 euros

Carte cadeau de 200 euros

200,00 €

La carte cadeau Raceu Hats est le cadeau idéal car elle s'adapte à tous les chapeaux cadeaux auxquels vous pouvez penser.


La carte cadeau Raceu Hats est le cadeau idéal car elle s'adapte à tous les chapeaux cadeaux que vous pouvez imaginer.

Vous pouvez choisir la valeur à donner entre €30 et €150.

Il n'a pas de date d'expiration, vous pouvez l'utiliser autant de fois que vous le souhaitez jusqu'à ce que le solde soit épuisé. Si le solde n'est pas épuisé, le système envoie un nouveau code de réduction à appliquer à la prochaine occasion.

La carte cadeau est envoyée par courrier électronique au destinataire ou vous pouvez télécharger un fichier PDF contenant la carte à imprimer.

Lors du traitement de la commande, vous pouvez écrire une dédicace à la personne qui va recevoir la carte cadeau.

En raison des caractéristiques de la carte cadeau, nous vous recommandons de ne pas passer de commande avec d'autres types d'articles.



  1. The Gift Card (the Card) is the property of its issuer (at 1. The Gift Card (the Card) is the property of its issuer (hereinafter, RACEU HATS), whose identity is stated on the Card itself or within the e-mail sent with the virtual Card, being its holder a mere depositary of the Card.
  2. The Card is available in the following formats:
    2.1 Virtual format, which is sent by e-mail to the recipient;
    2.2 In PDF format, which can be downloaded once the payment and purchase have been confirmed;
  3. The Card allows the purchase of any item sold in RACEUHATS.COM online store.
  4. The Card can be paid through any of the payment methods accepted in our online store. In no case can be paid with another gift card.
  5. The balance of the Card cannot be refunded or redeemed for cash. However, as with the other products offered for sale in our online store, the same conditions apply as for the physical products. The return of the Card that has not been used will be accepted within the following terms within the legally established period: The Virtual Card purchased at RACEUHATS.COM can be returned within a maximum of ONE MONTH from the date the Virtual Card is sent by RACEU HATS to the recipient. The amount paid for the Card will be returned in the same way it was paid.
  6. The Card can be used as many times as desired until the total amount for which it has been issued is used up.
  7. The balance available on the Card at any given time is the difference between the balance available at the time prior to making a purchase and the corresponding amount used to pay for that purchase. If the purchase exceeds the available balance on the Card, the difference may be paid through any form of payment accepted in our online hat store.
  8. Products purchased with the RACEU HATS Card are subject to the same return and exchange policy as other products purchased from our online hat store..
  9. If applicable, the refund of the amount of the products acquired with the Gift Card that are returned will be made in the following manner:
    9.1 A new discount code will be generated with the amount of the return;
    9.2 Shipping costs are not refundable, except for error or damaged product in transport;
  10. The Card is a bearer document. Responsibility for the use and safekeeping of the Card rests solely with the Card holder. The Card will not be replaced in case of theft, loss, misplacement or damage, although RACEU HATS reserves the right to replace the Card in case of change of format of the Card.
  11. In case of acquisition of the Virtual Card at RACEUHATS. COM, RACEU HATS will not be responsible for the non-receipt or the delay in the delivery of the Card by its recipient for reasons beyond the control of RACEU HATS, including, among others, (i) deficiencies or collapse of the telecommunication lines or systems, (ii) delay in the transmission of information or data or loss of information or data that may occur due to any of the circumstances mentioned in (i), (iii) the inaccuracy of the data of the recipient of the Virtual Card provided by the purchaser of said Card, (iv) the impossibility of delivering the Card to the e-mail account provided or (v) the consideration of the e-mail sent by RACEU HATS as spam or unwanted mail.
  12. The Cards originally obtained in an illicit way will be invalid, cannot be used for the purchase of products and their amount will not be reimbursed.
  13. The Card may not be used for advertising or promotion of products or services marketed by third parties unrelated to the issuer of this Card, unless previously authorised in writing by the issuer.
  14. The acquisition and / or use of the Card implies full acceptance of these general conditions, which have been delivered at the time of purchase of the Card and are available in our online store RACEUHATS.COM

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