Packaging Raceu

In Raceu Hats we make an effort, we worry and WE CARRY that your hats arrive to you in perfect conditions.

Not only do we design and create our hats with lots of pampering, but we also make sure that your orders arrive carefully wrapped and protected so you can enjoy them as you would have bought them in our hat shop in Barcelona.


And for this we use packaging and boxes specially designed for the transport of hats. These same boxes you can use to store your hats safely, avoiding them to wrinkle or ruin with the passage of time.

As you know, you have FREE RETURNS on your orders paid with PayPal, if you did not know click on this LINK to see the conditions, now, we need that if you are going to return a product for any reason you use the same box with which you get your hat, in this way we will receive it in the same conditions that has been sent.

It is VERY IMPORTANT for us this question, keep in mind that if we detect that the hat has not been packed properly, we can deduct the cost of it, be sure to send it in the same box and perfectly closed.


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