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New Orleans Hat olive

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New Orleans is a classic fedora, made of 100% rabbit fur felt and embellished with elegant grosgrain ribbon.
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Did you know that men's hats can make a big difference in your appearance? By taking advantage of this reservoir of practically endless options, you can take even the most basic clothes and give a serious boost in the forefront - because there are accessories that never go out of style - and the hat is one of them.
They are often dismissed as an unnecessary extra, both figuratively and literally, but men's hats deserve a privileged place in everyday clothing. For those who wear hats, the stylistic direction has definitely changed in recent years. Felt hats, Panama hats, paper hats and others that are considered more fashionable these days were a standard issue scarcely fifty years ago.
What is the best way to approach the fashion of men's hats this season? By keeping your wardrobe in tune with everything that is fashionable and timeless, of course.
A hat not only keeps you protected from the sun, rain and snow, but it can reflect a personal style and is less expensive to replace than clothing.

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